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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

madeleine shaw's post workout protein balls

madeleine shaw get the glow

protein balls ingredients

post workout protein ball

It's probably just over a year ago that I really started my 'fitness journey' as much as I hate that expression, that's what it is.  I started exercising in the run up to my wedding, but mainly did easy, low impact (read: minimal sweat) classes such as yoga, body balance and bums n tums, and really focused on a healthy, probably a little too low calorie, diet in order to lose weight.  I didn't go crazy, I lost about a stone for my wedding, and was really happy with how I  looked.

Shortly after the wedding, my dad was sadly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and that's what really kick started my efforts into getting fit.  My dad has always been an advocate of eating well, and maintaining high fitness levels.  I, on the other  hand, was always happier sitting on the sofa, with a bag of minstrels.  When my dad got ill, it really made me appreciate the importance of healthy living, and keeping active, how can you expect your body to stay well, if you don't look after it.

So last year, I started upping my fitness, I went to high cardio classes, like body combat and circuits, and in January, in my quest to complete Total Warrior (you can read all about that here if you're interested) I started running.  

Then I started thinking about my diet, if you've read any of my previous posts, I don't do macro capping, or calorie counting or anything like that.  I try to focus on a balanced diet, (ahem: gives me a good excuse to still eat cake and chocolate) with lots of protein and fruit and vegetables. For the last year, me and the mr have talked about making protein balls, but have just never got round to it.  It might be partly to do with the fact for the last couple of months I've been drowning in protein bars!  But, with a little bit of time on our hands yesterday and the mr around all week to help me eat them, we finally decided to give them a go.  

Using Madeleine Shaw's recipe for post-workout protein balls, they genuinely couldn't have been easier.  Why we waited so long I have no idea.  Basically, the recipe, in a nutshell, bung everything in a mixer, whizz it up and roll into balls.  Job done.

madeleine shaw post workout protein balls recipe

protein ball ingredients
peanut butter
chopped dates

protein ball mix

post workout protein balls

We substituted half of the peanut butter for almond and vanilla butter, don't hate on me, but I'm really not a peanut butter fan, and I'm pretty sure you could use any nut butter you fancied.  We also added a squeeze of maple syrup just to help bind the mixture together, and there you have it, easy peasy protein balls that taste good.

Now, the Mr loves them, I'm a little on the fence (its the peanut butter!) so now I'm the hunt for a chocolate recipe, can anyone help a girl out?! 

post workout protein ball

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