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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

my first ever spin class, and I survived

my first spinning class

Last Sunday I decided to pluck up the courage and give spinning a go for the first time.  I say ‘pluck up the courage’ because I’ve been wanting to try it for about a year, but always managed to find excuses to not go.  I’ve done every other class at my gym so why I had ‘spinning fear’ I don’t know, maybe it was the rumours I’d heard about people mopping a pool of sweat up off the floor after they’d finished, or getting off the bike and falling over because their legs were so weak.

Sunday’s are usually for Body Combat, but I was running a bit late, and I just couldn’t quite muster up the enthusiasm.  I noticed that spinning was starting 15 minutes later, with a teacher I know, and the thought of spending the next 45 minutes sitting down just seemed that bit more appealing.

I didn’t get off to a good start.  I got to the class later than anticipated, I wasn’t actually late, but I’d wanted to get there early so I’d be fully set up (preferably on the back row) before all the regulars arrived.  Turned out I was the last to arrive, and not having a clue what I was doing, I needed the instructor to help me set up my bike.  So she picked a bike for me (right in the middle, great!) she positioned the seat, got my feet strapped in, and showed me how the screen worked.  Then asked me to have a go and peddle.  Nothing happened.  With a bit more effort, I tried again.  Still nothing happened.  I was either definitely not cut out for this, or the bike was knackered.  Turned out it was the bike, not me.  By this point, the class was running late and I was the cause, I could feel eyes burning into the back of my head and I would have quite liked to get up and walk out there and then .

Anyway, bike number 2, I was set up and ready to go.  Warm up starts and I seem to be going ok.  Then we start to up the pace, the intensity and the incline (yep, all three!).  I spot a woman just in front of me whose screen I can see, she’s shall we say a good few years older than me (ok, thing maybe twice my age) so I figured I’d be able to match her gear levels and reps.   And then we start to climb up what felt like the tallest mountain ever, and just when I think we’re good to scale the top, it turns out we’ve got quite a hike to go, and the gears have to keep going up.  My legs are like jelly, and I’m slower than the lady I’m trying to keep up with, and we're upping the gears again!

Next up is speed, so this has gotta be easier right? I can sit back down, lower my gears, and then peddle my legs like crazy.  Yes it’s definitely easier, but now I’m shattered and we’ve got another 5 rounds to go.

The sweat starts flowing, the legs are crying and I’m only two thirds through!

Somehow, I do get some inner strength from somewhere, I make it to the end of the class and almost cry a little with relief (just like my legs).  According to the instructor I did really well, I'm sure she's just trying to make me feel better, and it works.  Feeling smug, I wobble home on legs ready to collapse.


Convinced I’ll struggle to get out of bed the next day, I have a bath and let my legs relax.  Turns out it wasn’t my legs I needed to worry about, but a bruise on each bum cheek from the saddle makes sitting down the next day pretty uncomfortable...nobody warned me about that.

I haven’t been back to spinning yet, it’s probably going to take me another few months to pluck up the courage to go back, but at least I did it, and that’s something to be proud of, right?!


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