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Friday, 29 July 2016

the best ever foundation base

the perfect foundation
Woaaah, what’s that I hear you say? A beauty post over on these pages, haven’t done one of those for a while! Yes, it’s true, this is a beauty post, BUT, for good reasons:

1.       I have discovered the BEST foundation base ever
2.       I think I kinda like the idea of getting my beauty blogging back on (check that out for alliteration!)

But back to the case in point, the best base ever, I kid you not.  I put the word out on Twitter, but I really felt that I needed to dedicate a whole blog post to it because it’s just that damn good! Also, I think the beauty lovers across the world need to know about this, and I know what you’re all thinking - ‘if it’s just another foundation, then surely the majority of beauty bloggers already know about it’, well that’s the secret you see, I’ve combined two foundations and I am telling you, it’s flawless coverage in a back of hand mix up, and I would encourage you all to go and give it a go toot suite.

So I know you’re all dying to hear what it is? Well let me give you a little background.  I have been an avid Estee Lauder Double Wear lover for many years now, occasionally I’ve drifted off and tried something else but I’ve always come back to this.  However recently I feel like I’ve fallen a little out of love with it, almost finding it too heavy, and dare I say it, a little claggy, and it looks really obvious on the skin.

I went on holiday at the end of June, and wanted a cheap and cheerful foundation, a few shades darker then my skin tone, that I could take with me and use once the tan had started appearing, so I purchased the L’oreal True Match Liquid Foundation in Golden Caramel, and although I wouldn’t wear this at home as it didn’t have much lasting power, it did the trick for my holidays.

Can you see where I’m going with this? Stick with me… so when I got home, and my tan started rapidly fading, I wanted the coverage of my DoubleWear with the colour of the L’oreal, so a pump of each on the back of my hand, a swirl around and a mix up, and applied with a Real Technique face brush, I knew straight away I was onto a winner.  The more watery consistency of the L’oreal helped make the Double Wear less thick, it applies beautifully, and the colour was perfect.

I wasn’t convinced it would last the day, but 8 hours later and it was still going strong.

The Sweat Test

So, the next day (and to keep in line with this health and fitness theme) I put it through ‘The Sweat Test’.  I do a workout most evenings after work, and don’t tend to take my makeup off, I know some people will be horrified by this but what can I say? I’m vain.  Anyway, I headed to a super sweaty circuits class, you know the type, beads of sweat literally dripping down your face and a towel required to regularly mop your brow, and do you know what? It was still holding up.  Obviously, I wasn’t looking quite as fresh as I had been at 9am that morning,  but there was a reasonable amount of product still standing, and with a minor touch up I would have been good to head out and carry on my day… (obvs, I’d just  been dripping in sweat so that actually wasn’t going to happen, straight home for a shower), and if that isn’t proof of a great base, then I don’t know what is!
the foundation sweat test
I think I’ll be wearing this combo for some time, unless L’oreal and Estee Lauder fancy joining forces and actually just creating this for me, what do you reckon are the chances?  Let me know if you decide to give this a try, would love to know if you like it as much as me.

*For the record, there has been NO filtering of either of these photos, now that’s proof for you.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

me? a fitness inspiration? you having a laugh?

Me? A fitness inspiration?
A friend of mine told me at the weekend that I was his girlfriend’s fitness idol, now he was pretty drunk so he may have been lying, but either way I was pretty flattered.  But it got me thinking about my attitude towards health and fitness, and how I’ve made it work for me.  I think I probably give off the impression that I eat cleaner than clean, and I just can’t wait to get going with my next workout, at least that’s what my Instagram pics might look like…if you read the comments,  you’d realise that’s far from true.
So here’s a little confession, I hate running, I’m sure I sweat more than the average person, 90% of my workouts I don’t want to do, and I only photograph the healthy food, the snacks and treats I have? Yeah I keep those to myself.
 I’ve become a bit of a Instagram junkie of late, and you can see by looking at who I follow that it’s a mix of super fit ‘bodies to die for’ types and then people more like myself who are on a journey of health and fitness showing progress pics, their own healthy made up meals, and post workout frazzled faces.  Both of these inspire me in very different ways, there’s the perfect beach bods that make me want to keep at it in the hope that one day I might look like that, and then there’s everyone else and actually these are the most inspiring and motivating, if they can do it, and stick at it, then why can’t I?
 I guess what I’m trying to say is, it isn’t easy, sometimes I wonder why I’m still sticking with it, I have to drag my ass to the classes and I regularly think I’m going to throw up, or actually just pass out and die, yep that thought usually runs through my head at least once during my combat classes.  While I enjoy healthy food, I also really, really love junk food, if I didn’t put weight on so easily I wouldn’t think twice about cheese and mayonnaise filled baguettes for lunch, dirty greasy burgers and fries for dinner, followed by ALL of the chocolate and ice cream filled milkshakes, I’d even throw a Maccy D’s in there occasionally, so it really is an effort for me to eat the way I do 5 days a week (weekends I eat whatever the hell I want).
 But, and there is a but, there is a plus side to it all, I’m SO much fitter than I’ve ever been in my life, I can run for an hour without stopping, admittedly hating every minute, but I can still do it, I can walk up flights of stairs without getting out of breath, and I’m starting to be able to hold some bad-ass yoga moves.  I’m developing a booty when I used to have a pancake bum, and I actually really like the look of my toned arms, and on really good days, with A LOT of tensing I can see little signs of abs
A little hint of abs
And actually all of those things are better than the lazy, sofa loving person I was before, and on a more serious note, when your dad gets diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, you suddenly realise just how important your health is, and maybe it’s time to start looking after your own body.
And on that last final note, it's now only 10 days until I take part in Total Warrior, I'm raising money for pancreatic cancer, and if you'd like to sponsor me (which I'd HUGELY appreciate) then you can, just over here.

Friday, 22 July 2016

hot yoga on the hottest day of the year

sweaty yoga face

Guess who thought it was a good idea to head along to hot yoga in an already 28 degree day? Yep, yours truly.

I knew I was in trouble and it was going to be a soggy session when the sweat was dripping off me before I'd even unrolled my mat!

I'm still in the honeymoon phase with yoga, I'm all enthusiastic and motivated to get to ALL the classes come rain or in this case very much shine.  So off I trotted on Tuesday evening, bottle of water and towel in hand, and wandered into the class slightly oblivious to what I was about to endure.

Now, if you don't already know, hot (or otherwise known as bikram) yoga involves cranking up the heating and basically sweating out toxins while still bending, binding and folding yourself into a variety of poses.  

But this week was different, I swear I could feel the heat from the room about three streets away.  Despite it having been close to 30 degrees all day, and the studio being in what is essentially the attic of another building the heaters and radiators were still on, it was like walking into a sauna.

Anyway I ploughed on (I wish I could say literally, but we didn't actually do the plough this week) and set to, but I kid you not, ten minutes in and there were beads of sweat trickling down my face.  After a few downward dogs I began to wonder if salt water can blind you as I tried to wipe sweat out of my eyes.

Sticking with it and not wanting to be beaten (see earlier point about enthusiasm and motivation) I carried on and moved into a triangle pose, but after my arm repeatedly slipping off my wet leg, the risk of face planting the ground meant that I could actually stretch myself into a positions I didn't know I was capable of.

So it would seem all was going swimmingly (yes i went there with that pun) until the teacher decided she'd come and stand behind me, wrap her crossed arms around my legs while I'm upside down in downward dog and pull, my ass (and the rest) are literally in her face, now if that isn't mortifying enough, just imagine this after 60 minutes of excessively sweating, I'm not sure I can ever look her in the face again... I can thank god for small mercies though, at least I didn't fanny fart in her face, a current problem one of my best friends (and recent mother) is experiencing in her yoga classes, small mercies, small mercies.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

the challenge: week 29 - an update

Ready for workout

It’s true, I’m back, your eyes aren’t deceiving you.  I had a little hiatus due to various reasons, illness, holiday, illness again, (and usually I never get ill!), I think this old body was trying to tell me something.

Anyway, over the weekend I had to do some writing for something un-blog related and it actually made me realise that I had to get my blogging mo-jo back, I love writing but I just need to dedicate more time to it, I have a real desire to make this blog a regular little writing hot-spot, but I’m beginning to wonder if it needs a little overhaul.  Maybe a new design?  I definitely need to improve my photography, and I need to focus on my content.  While I’m not expecting it to become a job, or make money from it or anything like that, I’d like to be much more proud of it than I am now.  So if you have any suggestions, please let me know, I could definitely benefit from some constructive criticism.
But enough of all that, what about this little challenge I’ve got coming up? It’s two and a half weeks to go, and I’m definitely not ‘two and a half weeks to go ready’.  Having had a few weeks out due to the afore mentioned reasons, my fitness levels have definitely dropped, my tummy’s developing more of a podge and my endurance levels seem to be at an all time low.  I attempted a proper run for the first time in 5 weeks at the weekend, with good intentions of reaching 5k, I bowed out at just over 4…2 months ago I’d got myself up to 10k!!!
 I’m not going to let that set back get me down though, and I’m confident I’ll still manage Total Warrior, I’m just a little disappointed it had to go down hill so close to the big event.  However, there’s a chunk of sponsorship money relying on my getting my ass round this course, and there’s a pint of beer at the end so that in itself is worth pushing for! 
 So what am I doing about it? Getting back on it of course! Hitting up circuits classes, attempting to get these legs back running and throwing a few yoga classes in in between to build up my strength and flexibility. 
Yoga pose
I'm definitely not going to breeze around this course, but I'll finish it whether it kills me.
Any this little space on the big wide web? Well I'm going to try (I ain't promising) to be updating this spot more often, so please keep coming back :)

P.S. If you've been reading my post for a while, you'll probably already know why I'm on this crazy health kick, but if not, head on over here and read this post - I'm in training and raising money for Pancreatic Cancer, if you'd like to sponsor me that would be super lovely of you.
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