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Friday, 30 September 2016

staying hydrated with the dot water bottle

joseph joseph water bottle
joseph joseph water bottle

Every morning, when I arrive at work, I turn my laptop on and then head to the kitchen and get myself a pint of water, and I usually top it up two or three days throughout the day.  I've noticed that I'm one of the few people in my office that actually regularly drinks water, let alone gets through several pints of the stuff.

Also being such a gym bunny, 9 times out of 10, I will have my gym kit with me wherever I'm heading, and if you read last week's post, you'll know that I always carry a bottle of water in that.  So I've always been pretty confident in the knowledge in that I'm getting my 2 litres a day.

The Mr on the other hand isn't so good, if you put a drink in front of him, he'll drink it in seconds, but when he's super busy at work, and getting a drink would mean breaking his concentration to go and grab one means he rarely drinks water throughout the day.  I've always tried to encourage him to drink more, but his theory is that he usually drinks between 4-5 pints in the evening when he's home, so that's plenty!  I'm not totally convinced that dehydrating your body in the day, then flooding it in the evening is quite the best way to do it, but what do I know?

In an attempt to encourage people to drink more, Joseph Joseph have come up with a new fancy water bottle, which enables you to keep track of how much you've drank in a day.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity to put to the test me and the mr, and I was convinced I was going to smash this one.

Joseph Joseph are renown for their innovative products, and I love the concept of this bottle.  It's a straightforward water bottle, with a dot counting system in the lid, every time you re-fill your bottle, you turn the lid to the right, and you move up a dot.  When you've reached number 4, you've hit your daily goal.

So day 1, I got up, filled my bottle, and trotted off to work.  It turns out I perhaps wasn't drinking quite as much in a day as I was convincing myself I was, as finishing one of these seems to take me a lot longer than finishing my pint glass did.  By the end of my working day, I'd barely got through two bottles.  After a full on gym session, a walk home, and an evening in front of the tv, I managed to finish my 4 bottles.

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, especially when I turned to see the mr was only on dot number 2, and was ready to launch into full 'I told you so' when he explained that actually he was on bottle number 6 and had been smashing through them.  Turns out, when he can be bothered to get himself a drink, he easily gets through them.  He has since admitted though, that the days he's working in the office in London, he barely gets through one bottle.

We've had these bottles for a couple of weeks now, and I've got to admit, it's really made me so much more aware of how much I'm drinking.  If it's lunch time, and I'm still one one dot, then I really make an effort to up how much I'm having.  We carry them with us when we go out for the day, yeh, we're one of those couples with matching water bottles, and I actually think my skin might be looking better because I'm hydrated - that might be a coincidence, but I'm rolling with it for now.

At £10 a pop for water bottle, they're a little more expensive than your average plastic bottle, but, it's not going to break the bank.  Drinking plenty of fluids is pretty vital for your health, especially when you exercise a lot like I do, so if forking out a tenner is going to help keep me healthier, then I think it's well worth it. 

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

a banana bread disaster

a banana bread disaster

I was off work yesterday so had planned a productive day at home.  I was going to get up, do a bit of work on my blog - writing some content and editing photos, head to the gym for a boxfit class, then spend the afternoon baking, with camera in hand, so I could proudly show off said baking over on this little spot.

All was going well, content had been written, boxfit class had nearly killed me, my banana bread was in the oven, and I cleaned the kitchen while I waited for it to cook.

I was using a recipe I'd successfully made before, a Madeleine Shaw banana and chocolate cake, wheat free and refined sugar free and somehow still delicious.  I was just going to alter the quantities slightly to make it a smaller loaf, rather than a full sized cake.  I'd taken snaps along the way, and I was all set to take the final few photos ready to post on here.

Only that didn't go slight to plan, the top of my banana bread was starting to burn, but it was still under-baked and wobbling like jelly in the middle, so I popped some tin foil on the top and waiting a further 20 minutes after the supposed cooking time.
a banana bread disaster
I eventually got sick of waiting and with the edges now almost burnt to a crisp, I figured it had to come out the oven soon.  So I took it out, left to cool on the side for a while, and started typing up the recipe, feeling rather smug and assuming all you lovely readers would be rushing to make it.
I ran a knife around the edge and turned it upside down...nothing.  I ran a knife around the edge again, and gave it a little tap, still nothing.  I got a bigger knife, did the same thing again, then got a fish slice and tried to slide it slightly under the cake to loosen it.  Turned it upside down, gave it another tap, and I felt it release with a sigh of relief.  I lifted up the tin, and half of it was still in there, the rest had collapsed.  It wasn't cooked and it was too raw to hold it's shape.

But it smelt really good, and I'd used a lot of fairly expensive ingredients in it (as baking ingredients go), including coconut sugar, coconut flour and ground almonds so was determined not to be beaten. I scooped up the mush, plopped it back in the tin, and shoved it back in the oven...scooped, plopped and shoved what graceful terminology, particularly when referring to baking!

I waited another 15 minutes.  

By this point, the cake had been in the oven for a good 35 minutes longer than it was supposed to. 

So I took it out, extracted it from the tin as best I could, and had a taste.  Now, it looks a mess, and it's impossible to cut a slice of, but it still tastes pretty damn good.  So I'm going to keep my banana bread, and collapsed or not, I will enjoy it, just probably served with a scoop of ice cream to hide how it looks.
a banana bread disaster
And I figured I might as well turn it into a blog post, because it seems the more I attempt to be a blogger, the worse I get.  And if I can't make perfect cakes, and have beautiful photography, then I might as well try and make you smile.

I'm just disappointed because I'm usually pretty good at baking, it must be all the blog pressure.

Here's a picture of the last time I made this cake, just to rub salt in the wound, look how pretty, and instagrammable, and blog-worthy it was!!

madeleine shaw banana and chocolate cake

Friday, 23 September 2016

shakes, proats and pancakes - trying to up my protein

Protein Porridge

If you read last week's post, you'll know I'm struggling a little bit with this whole 'fitness blogger' thing, while I want to be one of those girls with abs to die for, perfect shots of matcha latte's and acai bowls, and post 'leg day' doms, it's just not quite me.  I'm working on my abs, but they're a long way from enviable, I've never had a matcha latte and I have no idea what an acai bowl is, and I don't really know what 'doms' means, let alone suffered after 'leg day'.

I just play by my own rules, I workout regularly, but at classes rather than gym sessions, I eat a 'balanced' diet (check out my last post if you fancy knowing more about that) and I still don't understand macros.  

However, what I do know is, protein is vital to building muscle, and helps you lose weight.  So, with a little help from The Body Coach (I swear by his recipes) and a vat of protein powder to keep me going for a year, I'm trying to up my intake.

IdealFit sent me a load of goodies to help with my quest, and their products are specifically designed for women so ensure as well as packing a good protein punch they're also full of other nutrients that women need such as Vitamin D, Folic Acid and Calcium.  Now you can't complain about that.

IdealFit Products

One thing I've always been a bit nervous about when upping my protein intake is the increase in calories, before I ever started working out, I just assumed if I ate a lot of protein and didn't burn enough calories then I'd quickly put on weight.  Admittedly, that's not completely untrue, but to be honest I'm not a nutritionist (I know, it's hard to believe with my scientific explanation of these things!) and don't really know the ins and outs of it all, but I think I'm working out enough to not worry about it.  But, IdealFit know this is a concern for many women so have ensured they're protein is low calorie as well as all the other benefits, they've thought of it all.

Anyway, I was pretty excited about my new fancy flavours - strawberries n' cream and pina colada, my previous dips into the world of protein have got as exciting as chocolate mint and cookie dough, so I expanded my repertoire and got out my apron to start whipping up some protein-based concoctions.

I started simple with smoothies, both of which were really good, in fact better than my usual banana and nutella (ssh, don't tell anyone) combos.  The strawberries n' cream one tasted just like a frothy milkshake, and the pina colada one tasted almost like the real deal, just missing that hit of rum, but maybe I could try that for my Saturday night post workout shakes?

Pina Colada Protein Shake
Strawberries n Cream Protein Shake

I then moved onto porridge oats, topped with real strawberries and coconut, and have plans to try both flavours in an overnight oats recipe soon.

And finally, I gave the famous protein pancakes a go, now, they weren't instagram worthy (but I instagrammed them anyway), I hid how disastrous they looked with greek yoghurt, and half of one was left burnt to the bottom of the pan BUT they were delicious, and I'm going to give them another go soon.

Protein Pancakes

I'm thinking about trying a protein mug cake, and I've heard you can even make protein mashed potato, but maybe pina colada flavoured potatoes aren't the best idea, so any suggestions on what else I can try?

Idealfit also sell a range of other products, including pre-workouts, BCAAS (although I have no idea what these are!) and even a few accessories if you fancy going the whole hog, so if you're looking for a new protein with a few added benefits then I'd highly recommend you check them out.

Protein Powder

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

when I cheat, I really cheat...

coffee and cake

In keeping with a similar theme of last week's post when I confessed my reasons why I'll never be the fitness blogger I want to be, I thought today I'd reveal even more home truths, my 'cheat' days!

Now, I'm a bit of an Instagram junkie and tend to follow a lot of 'clean eating', 'healthy living' type accounts.  And I'll admit that I do try to keep a relatively 'clean' diet throughout the week, but the longer I try and stick to this health and fitness plan, the more I'm leaning towards a 'balanced diet' approach, than 'clean and mean' as I like to think of it.

In the run up to my wedding, obviously I had more motivation to really stay on track.  So Sunday to Friday I kept my diet super healthy, treats tended to be fruit or yoghurt (not exactly something to get excited about) and I tracked every calorie in myfitnesspal.  But come Saturday, and the flood gates would open, I would pretty much binge eat my way through the day.  And yes, it's probably not the healthiest way to live. and wasn't in line with my 6 days a week 'clean' living, but it's what kept me motivated and focused in the 6 months leading up to my wedding, and I was really pleased with how I looked on the day.

a corsican dessert

epic hot chocolate
Post wedding, I attempting to maintain that structure for a couple of months, but I quickly realised that it was just unrealistic.  I resented calorie counting, and I was still working out 5/6 days a week so decided to become a little less focused on what I was eating, plus, I always thought the best thing about exercising is that you get to what you want, right?

There are a lot of health and fitness bloggers I follow who are all about 'good days' and 'bad days'.  Macro counting and 'cheat days'.  And then there's a few who have a more idealistic attitude (Carly Rowena I'm mainly looking at you), who tend to eat healthy most of the time, but appreciate that life is for living, and so if you want to go out and have a burger and few drinks, then that is what you should do.  And it shouldn't be thought of as 'cheating', which I am completely down with, so my attitude now is 'treating'.


Ok, so if do follow me on Instagram (if you don't, you should, I'm a hoot over there!), then some of you are probably thinking every day is a 'treat' day for me when you see some of the images I post.  Well, you might be right.  But I'm much happier living a more relaxed approach.  I eat three very healthy meals, which usually consist of salad for lunch, and one of The Body Coach's Lean in 15 meals in the evening, and I still workout 5 or 6 times a week, so if I want to have a big bowl of Ben and Jerry's ice cream after dinner then I will, and I'm not going to get hung up on the Saturday I just had, which involve an 'all you can eat' brunch, copious amounts of alcohol, and then a chinese takeaway.  My hangover wasn't so pretty the next day, I didn't get out for the run I'd planned, but I had an awesome day, and that's whats important!

waffles, eggs and bacon

pancakes and maple syrup

Friday, 16 September 2016

a peek inside my gym bag

a peek inside my gym bag

a peek inside my gym bag

I think it's fair to say that I am now a fully fledged gym-goer, I've been a regular now for almost 18 months (never thought I'd see the day!) and so I like to think I've become somewhat of an expert when it comes to packing my gym bag.  I have a set of essentials that I always carry with me, and a few extras that come and go as needed, I walk to work so the less I have to carry the better.

And obviously when you become an expert in something it's only fair to pass on that knowledge right? So today I thought I'd bring you the inner workings of my gym bag, prepare to be amazed...ok, maybe not, it's a gym kit, it's not going to be that exciting, but who knows, you might see something in there that's missing from your kit that will make you completely rethink your whole gym going life.  Ok, I'm talking rubbish now, let's get to it...

First things first, let's talk about the bag, now I know it's not your typical rucksack/gym bag but this does the trick for me.  The Mr bought me this a few years ago for my birthday and it's still going strong.  I can fit all my essentials in, it's easy to carry and it's waterproof, so it's a no brainer for sweaty gym clothes and damp towels.  Cath Kidston knows what she's doing when it comes to bag designing.

Cath Kidston bag and Nike trainers

And then there's the obvious, my actual gym kit.  I have my new (and very loved!) Nike trainers, I actually have a few pairs of trainers which I switch between.  I work out around 5 or 6 times a week, and I've heard that it's good to mix up which ones you wear to give the soles a break and time to bounce back.  But when you've got a pair this pretty, it's hard not to come back to the same ones all the time. 

Sports bra? Check.  Leggings? Check.  Vest? Check.  Sometimes I chuck in a pair of shorts too, weather and workout dependent.  On a Tuesday I do a couple of classes, one of which is hot yoga, the less clothing I can wear the better, so I usually carry a couple of extra pieces of kit so I can mix up my outfit, workout dependent.  

Gym kit - leggings, bra and top

Oh, and socks.  Socks are vital.  I learnt this last night.  Somehow, I'd forgotten to pack a pair (and I try to call myself an expert!) so I went sockless to a circuits class, I'll spare you the details, but it wasn't an enjoyable experience.

a peek inside my gym bag

Then of course we have the essential female maintenance.  A selection of bobble options, your standard elastic, for high intensity workouts, and then the Invisibobble which I like to use for lunch time workouts so my hair isn't kinked when I go back to the office.  (By the way, I am an invisibobble convert, I love these things, let me know if you'd like a post on them!)

A towel of some sort is essential, for the obvious.  And then a cosmetics bag full of goodies to attempt to make myself look almost normal again if I'm heading back to the office, so I usually keep a deodorant, a body spray (good ol' Impulse, still living in the 90s!) a hair brush, and a few bits of make up to try and hide the red face.

gym kit - make up bag

As the majority of my workouts are classes, I'm tied to a time, so if I get held up in a meeting then I'll miss my class. If I've got myself in the mindset that I am going to do some sort of exercise that day, then I get pretty annoyed if I can't make it to the class I'd planned so I always carry my phone holder and ear phones so if the worst comes to the worst, I can go for a run.  Now you all know that's never my first choice, and will always be avoided if possible, but at least having these things with me means I never have an excuse not to get out and do something...yes, I really am that committed, it's almost depressing.

My trusty fitbit goes everywhere with me, I actually wear it all the time so it's  never in my gym bag but as an essential part of my kit, I couldn't leave it out.  If you've been thinking about a fitbit, I would HIGHLY recommend, I use the fitbit charge hr and have had it for just over a year now, it definitely encourages me to move my ass if I'm having a lazy sofa day.

fit bit charge hr

And last, but not least, and the most important in my books, the snacks and supplies!  The majority of my workouts, I do straight after work at around 6pm.  I can't get through a whole day of work, and a workout without something to keep me going, especially if I'm not going to be eating my tea until about 8, so I always carry some goodies so I know I've got something to keep me going, and these square bars are rocking my world right now (I even dedicated a whole post to raving about them!).


Of course there's a water bottle in there too, I couldn't manage most of my workouts without this.  I always carry water in my gym kit but this particular bottle is a newbie, it's a Joseph Joseph product and I will be doing a whole blog post on it soon.  It's got a fancy little dot device, which helps you keep tabs on how much you've drank in a day, so keep your eyes peeled for that coming soon. 

So there you have it, this has actually turned into a pretty epic post, so I'm hoping you're still with me and I haven't bored you too much.  If you have made it this far, let me know if you'll be mixing up your gym bag since reading this, or if you think I'm missing anything crucial, but surely with this much stuff, the only thing I'm missing is the kitchen sink, right?

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

the perfect protein pancakes...

Protein Pancakes

I've always wanted this blog to be open and honest, and while it'd be nice for people to come here for inspiration I know I'm never going to be one of those bloggers that readers aspire to be like.  Take my last post for example, while I want to be a yogi, I know I'm far from it.  

So, I've been thinking, and I'm going to continue blogging in exactly the same way as I do, but with a little more reality and a little less rose tinted-ness.  I want to blog and health and fitness, and have abs and rave about my 10k runs with a PB that I've just done, but the reality is, I eat too much chocolate to get abs, and I'm incapable of running further than 5k at the moment, my legs just refuse to go any further, and I don't look glamorous at the end of my workouts.

And today? Well today I was off to a good 'ideal blogger lifestyle' start, I had the day off work (that's a story for another day) so I got up, I made a protein smoothie (I really did!), I took a few photos (terrible quality, I'm an awful photographer), then I headed to a couple of classes, box fit, where I sweated like a crazy person, then a vinyasa yoga class where I spent the whole time waiting for the lying down bit at the end.

But the real highlight? I decided to give protein pancakes a go.  These things fill my Instagram feed, perfectly shot photos (their food must be cold by the time they get those snaps right?), stacks of symmetrical fluffy pancakes, topped with an assortment of delicious toppings, and the Instagrammer raving about the macros (I still don't know what that means).  As I'd recently got some strawberries and cream protein powder, and after my morning of working out, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give them a go.

So I set too, got out my Lean in 15 recipe book, had my camera at the ready, because you know, these were gonna be good, and I started cooking.  All was going well, the batter was made, they smelt good and the pan was ready.

Well, they didn't stay circular for long, they stuck to the bottom when I tried to flip them, and one of them just completely collapsed.

So, I piled them up, hid them bad ones, coated them in yoghurt and strawberries and snapped away, and now, I almost look like the kinda person who spends their days working out, and eating protein pancakes...

Protein Pancakes

Protein Pancakes

Friday, 9 September 2016

for the love of yoga

warrior three
 for the love of yoga
I’ve always wanted to be a yogi, you know the type I mean, long toned limbs, hair that falls in natural loose waves, a golden tan from mornings spent on Balinese beaches doing inversions and balances in their colour co-ordinated crop tops and leggings.

I’m never going to be that person, my limbs are all too chunky, my hair is too straight, I spend my days in cloudy Cumbria and my lycra never matches.  But, a girl can dream, and in the last 3 months I’ve really started to dedicate some time to yoga, and who knows, maybe one day I’ll be doing it on a beach somewhere.

Over the years of dabbled, I’ve always been a relatively flexible person, and every now and then, I’d find a local class, go along, and would leave feeling pretty smug as the teacher and commented on my bendiness.  I’d wake up the next day, barely able to walk, and would inevitably find excuses not to go back… it’s too expensive, it’s on a busy day of the week, I finished work too late, etc etc.  It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the class, but previously, I’ve never wanted to find the time to fit exercise into my week.

Back bend
Since I started my fitness journey last year, things have changed quite a lot, and now it’s a priority in my life.  I wanted to get back to yoga and make it my routine.  So I joined the local studio (approximately 2 minutes from my office, so really no excuses) and signed up to their unlimited membership.  And do you know what? I am loving it! I try to get along 2 or 3 times a week, I’d like to go more, but I need to keep up my cardio fitness so have to make priorities.  I’ve actually started to plan my week around when the classes are, and I feel really disappointed if I can’t get there for a few days.

I’m not one for the meditative side of yoga, and don’t like to ‘om’ and I’m not very good at getting my breathing inline with my movements. I go because I enjoy the flow, I like pushing my body (it’s surprisingly hard) and I’m enjoying seeing my flexibility come along.  But what I have been surprised by, is the relaxation of it.  Life for me is a little stressful at the moment, my dad is really ill, my work is a little rocky and I feel as though my weekends are booked from now until eternity.  Within 5 minutes of starting a yoga class I’ve forgotten all that, I really focus on what I’m doing, and Shavasana at the end? Well, on several occasions I’ve been pretty close to nodding off.

So it’s fair to say, I’m definitely not going to be finding excuses to avoid these classes anymore, in fact, I might even try and squeeze in some practices at home.  I’m never going to be the yogi I’d like to be (read this post about Steffy – my biggest yoga crush) but I can almost hold a headstand, my chunky limbs are getting leaner, there’s no hope for my hair, and as for a matching outfit, we’ll see…

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

the active in style in wishlist

Active in Style
So I definitely don’t need any new workout clothes, my drawer that currently holds them is already crammed full, and I’m genuinely contemplating getting rid of some normal clothes to make room for more workout clothing… who and what have I become?

It doesn't help that Active In Style keep sending me emails and tickling my taste buds, and my basket on the site is almost as full as my actual real life drawer, so I thought I’d put together a wishlist of my favourite items, you know, to help enable you guys, and it’s been so long since I did a wishlist I thought it was time I rectified that, any excuse to go window shopping hey!

So onto the goods...

1. Varley Alta Crop - I love Varley, and I think I’ve mentioned them one or two times on this blog before (it doesn't help that one of my fave bloggers Anna is often sporting their kit!), but despite that I have yet to buy anything from their collection, it’s just that little bit out of my comfort zone in terms of price, but maybe it’s time to re-consider for this beautiful sports bra? I loves it!

2. Adidas Three Quarter Graphic Tights - What to say about these?  Err, they are effing amazing! My workout wardrobe currently consists mainly of black, grey and purple items, (which is actually accidental, I don't tend to try and co-ordinate my gym gear, I'm just not that organised) so just think how easily these would slot in, it's like its meant to be...

3. Lorna Jane Seamless G String  - This might be too much information, but I’m not really a g-string wearer, but I suffer with serious paranoia that I’ve got a bad VPL going on when I’m wearing lycra, particularly when I’m downward dogging… so I feel like these would be the answer to my knicker line worries.  

4. LilyBod Piper LeggingI mean if you’re a fitness fan, then you probably have an affinity with leggings, I think it’s just something that comes with the job, err, the exercise.  However these beauties are worth making an exception for, plus I keep seeing fitness fanatics popping up on Instagram wearing these which just makes me want them even more.

5. Adidas Pure Boost X  - I couldn’t really do a wishlist without mentioning these Adidas trainers, they are all over my Instagram feed at the moment, and to be honest, I don’t need another pair of kicks but I just want to get involved, I’m also fairly convinced they’ll make me run faster cos’ that’s how it works right?  I'm also a big Zanna Van Dijk fan (read this fan girl post) and she's currently promoting them so that's another perfectly reasonable reason to buy them, isn't it?

6. Onzie Elastic Back Tank - Despite having an overflowing drawer of gym kit, I am somehow lacking in tops, given these get the sweatiest (tmi?) I could do with more of an endless supply so, well, so I can avoid doing washing even more.  I love the simplicity of this top, and I like the fact it’s lose fitting, definitely one that would improve my collection.

Now, I happen to work in a job which allows me to wear whatever I want, but I am starting to worry though that soon the lines will become blurred and I no longer differentiate between gym wear and normal clothes, so if any local readers spot me heading to my office in attire that looks suspiciously lycra-like, then please bring me back to my senses!

Friday, 2 September 2016

multipower smoothie's - it's a thumbs up from me

Multipower protein smoothie

Multipower protein smoothie

If you've read this post, you'll know I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to counting macros, while I know it would probably help with my aims (read: dreams) to get leaner and fitter, it just seems too complicated and I don't want to become fixated on tracking, measuring, weighing and faffing around with my food.

However, one thing I do try to ensure is that I don't overdo the ol' carbs that we all seem to hate on so much, and I try to make my protein intake high, especially on workout days.

I walk to work, and I pass my both gym and yoga studio en-route.  Now you're probably all thinking I'm some kinda crazy exercise obsessed person, my commute to work is a whole 15 minutes, I'm not doing it for fitness reasons or to keep up my step count, it's purely because it's easy, it's free and it makes sense.  

But on the evenings I do workout, I finish my class, get all my stuff together, probably have a bit of a chat, and then walk home.  I get in the front door, do the usual stuff you do when you get home... pick up the post, drop my bags, wander round the house, think about a shower etc, the last thing on my mind is getting out the blender and whipping up a protein shake, especially when i'm planning on having my dinner thirty minutes later, it's just not going to happen.

However everything I read says you should aim to have some form of protein around 15 minutes after your workout, so when Multipower dropped me an email and asked if I'd like to review their protein smoothie, well I'd have been foolish to say no, it was like the answer to my post-workout protein quandry.  Yep, first world problems and all that!

The drinks are full of natural ingredients, they have 26g of protein (you're right, that means nothing to me but I think it's good?!), they're  low in fat AND carbs, and they're ideal for muscle building and recovery, apparently...

Multipower protein smoothie

Oh, and they come in a nice, well sealed bottle, so I can pop them in my gym bag, and they're good to go the minute I finish working out.  And do you know what? They taste really good too, just like a fruity, yoghurt-y smoothie, and they're not too filling, so they satisfy my hunger but not fill me up too much for my dinner later on.

So it's an all round big thumbs from me, and because they're more of a yoghurt drink, you don't get that chalky taste of protein that some of these types of products have.  And, even the Mr is stealing them so they must be good.  He's currently about to start training for a marathon so I have a feeling these will start disappearing from the fridge even quicker!

Multipower protein smoothie

Now I'd just like Multipower to start working on a few more flavours...I'm thinking chocolate and banana, mmm mmmmm!
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