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Thursday, 8 June 2017

the perfect fit - hunkemoller sports bra

Hunkemoller sports bra

Hunkemoller sports bra

Exercising and me haven't always been friends, but I'm proud to say I've been regularly working out now for 2 and a half years, I can't really believe it either.  I started because I was getting married, it seems that was the motivation I needed to get my ass (quite literally) into gear.  I headed up to my local outlet village and bought myself a pair of trainers, and two sports bras.  The sports bras were on offer, two for £20 from Sports Direct.  I went for the cheap ones, figuring this flirtation with exercise wouldn't last long, so at least I wouldn't feel like I'd wasted too much money.

Fast forward to today, and those sports bras are still going strong being worn regularly.  Given that they're washed every week, if not twice a week, without fail, they've been put through their paces (yes I am going to fill this post with sporting puns), and they're only just starting to look a little faded and providing not quite as much support as I'd like.  

I've never been one for having much look finding bras that fit, in fact I even wrote a post about it many moons ago, and sports bras are no exception, comfy and supportive are even more essential when your boobs are in for some serious motion (I almost wrote action, but I think that's a very different thing).  

Hunkemoller, a brand I'd never heard of until now, have answered my prayers, they dedicate themselves to making sure you get the right fit. And what's even better is their specific sportswear range, three different levels to choose from to suit your workout. I used the sports bra calculator to help me pick a level 3 (high intensity) bra to make sure these bad boys aren't going anywhere.  Now that I'm running more (ok, currently less as I've got an injury but hopefully not for much longer) and I'm doing more HIIT workouts, I need some serious scaffolding to keep them place.

Hunkemoller sports bra
Sports Bra - *Hunkemoller Leggings - *Lole

Grasmere lake

a prosecco picnic

So with a birthday walk in the sunshine planned, it seemed the perfect excuse to take my new sports bra out for a trial run (geddit?!).  No, I probably didn't need to wear a super supportive bra for a gentle wander round a lake, but when it looks this pretty, and running is on hold for a while, I had to give it it's first outing.  

I might have had to limp my way round, with a well deserved picnic and prosecco break half way, but on first wear, it gets a big thumbs up for me.  And when I've had chance to give it a proper workout, I'll report back, but for now, I'd highly recommend checking out Hunkemoller's range, I might have to treat myself to a level 1 and a level 2 version just so I have all bases covered, and at least now I know, I'll always get the perfect size.

Grasmere lake


So what do you reckon, are you going to be heading to Hunkemoller to find that perfect fit?

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